Farsons: A brewing legacy retold

Malta’s most celebrated brewers, went to great pains to renovate their iconic brewhouse - creating an award-winning contemporary landmark, that celebrates the site's industrial heritage while embracing contemporary architecture.  PRSS WRKS was entrusted with developing and distributing the media narrative for this prestigious inauguration.
Farsons Group
12 Weeks


In a national media landscape that is highly critical of the construction industry, coverage of any private development project needs to be handled sensitively.

PRSS WRKS was tasked with crafting a public narrative that highlighted the project's sustainable and sensitive approach to development.


Narrative: PRSS WRKS embedded with the Farsons team, including senior leadership, to develop a compelling narrative for the entire project.

By understanding the business journey, and ethos behind the project, PRSS WRKS was able to craft content that resonated not only with the Farsons team, but with journalists, their editors, and a wide national audience.

Allies: PRSS WRS presented the project to individual members of the media, highlighting its sustainability, quality, and low impact on the surrounding environment.

Engagement with senior editorial staff on the project’s positive attributes lasted several weeks.


The project received overwhelmingly positive nationwide coverage, including a glowing editorial in a leading newspaper and website which applauded the project’s approach.

A sustained campaign of content further reinforced this over the following weeks.

"There is no way this project would have received the coverage that it did had it not been for PRSS WRKS” -  a leading journalist.