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We are storytellers.

PRSS WRKS was founded on the principle that good communication is based on honesty, transparency, credibility, and clarity.

We are media, news, and storytelling experts, with a proven track record of partnering with leading organisations to develop and execute effective PR and crisis management strategies. PRSS WRKS is part of the BRND WGN network of companies.

Ivan Martin

PRSS WRKS Founder Ivan Martin is a seasoned media professional with over a decade of investigative journalism, copywriting, and editing experience.

Throughout his journalism career, he established himself as one of Malta’s leading reporters with biting investigations and nuanced coverage which led to high-profile investigations, resignations, reforms, and social change. 

At the Times of Malta, he honed his skills, eventually taking on the role of Acting News Editor leading a team of reporters, setting the national news agenda, and managing the day-to-day operations of Malta’s largest newsroom. 

He also has experience in television, podcasting, and moderating, and has collaborated with global media brands like The Guardian, BBC, The Telegraph, and Vice News.

Ivan is passionate about storytelling.

He set up PRSS WRKS because too many incredible stories weren't being told.

It's time for that to change.

Let's tell your story.