eCabs: Locking horns with global giants

Mobility firm eCabs was born as a traditional dial-a-cab operation on a mission to change the face of the taxi industry. Over 14 years it transitioned from a legacy operator into an App-based ride-hailing platform with a suite of proprietary tech operating, in several jurisdictions outside of Malta. PRSS WRKS was engaged to manage the client's public relations and media engagement for both its local and international operations.


PRSS WRKS was to take the lead in managing the inflow of media queries and requests for comments and appearances. 

We were also tasked with developing and delivering a compelling narrative to better reflect the client’s identity as a tech company, empowering legacy taxi operators to compete against global ride-hailing giants in jurisdictions across Europe.  

The ride-hailing industry involves a variety of stakeholders - from riders, to drivers, fleet operators, platform owners, regulators, and policymakers.

Traffic congestion and transport problems are two of the most polarising topics in Malta and frequently feature in the news and on social media.

At the time of PRSS WRKS' engagement, ride-hailing and related issues were, and indeed remain, one of the most frequently mentioned subjects in the Maltese news cycle.


PRSS WRKS embedded in the client's operations to become fluent in the intricacies of the ride-hailing industry, regulatory landscape, and industry standards and developments.

Close working relationships were developed with strategic media partners and other key stakeholders to educate them on the complexities and nuances of the ride-hailing market.  

PRSS WRKS'  longstanding relationships in the regulatory and policymaking space were harnessed.

PRSS WRKS also created a tone of voice, and speaking/writing style for the various leadership team members delivering a sustained PR campaign for the launch of the operation’s international expansion, while maintaining and managing local PR efforts.  

A new blog space was launched on the client's website and social media while PRSS WRKS collaborated with internal and third-party teams.


The client enjoyed favourable press coverage and a healthy working relationship with all national publishing houses ensuring their point came across in the public domain. National media regularly positioned the operator as a leading voice in the ride-hailing tech space.  

Potentially negative media coverage related to traffic and other incidents was managed and mitigated.
Innovative policy propositions were shared in the press and on social media to further position the client as an engaged leader in this space.

Marketing stunts gained a new news dimension.

A strategy for international PR efforts was drafted and PRSS WRKS has engaged with leading global partners including Google.